Training and Education

Currently the COE-NINM offers training and education in a variety of clinical areas.

Chedoke McMaster Stroke Assessment training
Peripheral Nerve Transfer for SCI course and Peripheral Nerve Injury Rehab courses
Traumatic SCI course of Spine Fellows
Myndmove Training
Chedoke McMaster Stroke Assessment (CMSA)
Point-of-care prediction of muscle responsiveness to functional electrical stimulation therapy (FES-T) (WfL Study)-Closedtoenrollment
Upper extremity rehabilitation for new persistent C5 palsy in patients with degenerative cervical myelopathy (C-FIVE Study)-Currentlyenrolling
SpinalCord Stimulation for Walking in Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury, CurrentlyEnrolling
Optimizestudy, Currently Enrolling
Effectivenessof Targeted Individualized Rehabilitation in Adults Suffering from PersistentConcussion Symptoms Compared to Usual Care: A Randomized Clinical Trial CurrentlyEnrolling
Advancingthe practice of Activity Based Therapy and Neuro-modulation for the Restorationof Upper Extremity Function after Stroke (ABTStroke Study)Enrollment Pending Funding
Upper Extremity andMotion Tracking Study, Currently Enrolling
Closed Studies
ARC UpLift Study. Onward Pivotal Trial